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SLOVENIA: Feasibility study for the creation of a training centre for water professions

Published 2008

Within the process of accession to the European Union, Slovenia has committed itself to transpose and implement the community water directives.


This implies that the legislation and regulations comply with the directives and that the utilities and organisational methods are modernised, together with the set up of new infrastructures.

The water sector is especially encountering difficulties in its operation and organisation. The training of its personnel is becoming a strategic challenge of prime importance to effectively implement the European directives.

It was deemed necessary to reinforce the personnel’s professional qualification, with training plans on the scale of the enterprises themselves or of the whole nation, and facilitate their adaptation to:

  • • the very fast changing technologies in the water-related professions,
  • • the increasing complexity of the systems and techniques required to adapt to the new standards,
  • • the new obligations, in terms of service provided to the users.

Consequently, the Slovenian authorities are planning the creation of a training centre for water professions and, to this purpose, requested France to undertake a feasibility study.

Jointly financed by the French Ministries for Foreign Affairs, of Ecology and Sustainable Development and by the Slovenian Government, the feasibility study included three components:

  • • The analysis of the main parameters, in order to determine the types of personnel and assess their training needs for each technical topic and each function, together with the malfunction encountered by water companies in their management, operation and business;
  • • The inventory of existing training structures, of their means and current practices;
  • • A proposal on the prospects for the creation and operation of the future Slovenian training centre.

The Slovenian Ministry of the Environment and Regional Planning has thus a precise assessment of the training needs in the water and sanitation sector and an appraisal of the training centre project.

A study tour took place in France . It enabled the presentation of the function and operation of the National Training Centre for Water Professions (CNFME) of Limoges -La Souterraine and the assessment of the new training needs, related to the implementation of the European directives.