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MAURITIUS: The "CNFME" and the Limousin "IUT" in Mauritius

Published 2008

Within the framework of a co-operation between the Limousin IUT and Mauritius IST, the "CNFME" provided its technical support to the launching of a +3-level training programme that would lead to a university diploma. This training is addressing people having a DUT or BTS certificate and aims to train versatile high-level technicians on water treatment and the electromechanical maintenance of equipment.


This diploma could be compared to the one prepared in France at La Souterraine for four years.

Among the people who are at the origin of the project, there are: Messrs. Robert Sarrazin, Gilles Broussaud, IUT Director, who has managed other +3-level training programs in Mauritius for several years and who was the promoter of this new training programme.

During a first assignment in February 2003, the CNFME participated in an audit and in a workshop to assess the relevancy of the training with the human and technical resources of the island.

The need for training the staffs was emphasised so that they could have good technical skills on treatment and maintenance but also that they could teach technical teams. Mr. Sacquard, educational specialist in charge of the professional GRPE certificate, option "maintenance of plants and water supply systems" that takes place at La Souterraine, led the assignment on behalf of the Limousin IUT, with the technical support of B. Portero on behalf of the "CNFME".

During a 1-week assignment in August 2003, the CNFME, provided educational kits to the IST, covering all water treatment aspects. He also introduced the maintenance issue with a visit of production and treatment facilities.