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West Africa/ECOWAS: support to the implementation of a Regional Water Information Center

Published November 2010

As part of the implementation of a water resources management policy in West African countries, the 15 countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) decided to create a Regional Water Information Center.

The ECOWAS’s Center for Coordination of Water Resources (CCWR), which is responsible for the management of this Information Center, relied on IOWater to develop the first tools for managing and disseminating the information of the Center, using:
- The portal of the Regional Water Information Center,
- A database of IWRM indicators, supplemented by tools for updating and visualizing the available data online.

The Center’s portal whose content is now directly managed by the CCWR is available at http://www.aquacoope.org/ECOWAS/. It allows the CCWR, to firstly disseminate information in multiple languages (French/English) and, secondly, to organize the sharing of working documents between the various partner countries, the authorities in charge in each country can view and/or feed the various sections of the portal according to their access and update rights.

A database of IWRM indicators was created and fed, on request from the CCWR, with the data found in the tables of the "inventory of water resources in West Africa." Interfaces were also developed to enable the updating and viewing of the contents of that database in the form of tables, graphs and maps, dynamically generated from the available data.