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Countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus of Central Asia:  Strengthening data administration on two transboundary river basins

Countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus of Central Asia: Strengthening data administration on two transboundary river basins

Published March 2013

This project financed by the FFEM (French Global Environment Facility) was initiated  with/by the “Working Group on Monitoring and Assessment” of the UNECE Convention of the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes, with the overall aim to study “how water data management could be reinforced in order to facilitate transboundary basins water management and joint assessments

Activities were launched on 2 pilot transboundary basins:

- On the Aral Sea basin in collaboration with EC-IFAS (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)

- On the Dniester basin (Moldova, Ukraine) in collaboration with the UNECE Dniester III project


- Support to the diagnostic of the present situation related to water data management at national and regional level

- Pilot activities enhancing data management through the development of new data sharing scenario, tools, procedures

and at regional level (EECCA) , they include the production, presentation and dissemination of guidances for reinforcing water data management base on the results obtained on the 2 pilot transboundary basins .

Main outputs of the diagnostic phase at basin level:

 1/ National workshops in 6 countries with participation of the main national data producers, and restitution in regional meetings

2/ Online database of actors producing/using water related data/information

3/ On line catalogue of data sources (metadata) updated with/by the data producers

4/ Data flow diagrams describing “who exchanges what with whom?” (developed with/by the partners during the workshops)

5/ Survey and analysis of the needs of the partners concerning water data management


First outputs of pilot activities reinforcing data management at basin level:1/ Prototype of a regional hydrological bulletin on the Syrdarya basin 

2/ On line interactive water scheme on the KZ part of the Syrdarya giving access on the last water level/flow collected/sent by the partners (Hydromet, KazVodhoz, Emergency service)

3/ Support to conceptual study of national water information systems in Tajikistan 

4/ On line web mapping of surface water quality index on the Dniester basin, index automatically processed and updated by the partners in Moldova (Hydromet) and Ukraine (BUVR) – (draft results)

5/ First water Web Processing Services generating new geographic information useful for water management on the Dniester basin ( calculation of upstream basin/upstream river/downstream river up to one point) in Moldova and Ukraine 

All results available and visible on the project web site http://www.aquacoope.org/ffem-eecca