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Ukraine : "National Dialogue on Integrated Water Resources Management"

Published December 2008

(The News N° 16 - December 2008)

The 1st Meeting of the Management Committee of the “National Dialogue on Integrated Water Resources Management” took place last April in the National Academy of Sciences of Kiev, at the initiative of OSCE (Organization for Safety and Cooperation in Europe), EUWI (European Union Water Initiative) and UNEP.

Representatives from the Ukrainian National Water Committee presented the situation of water resources in their country as well as drinking water supply and sanitation, and talked about the impact of climate change.

International experts, including Messrs. Jean- François Donzier, General Manager of the International Office for Water, Rainer Enderlein of UNECE and Jos G. Timmerman, of the "Center for Water Management" of the Netherlands, presented the new IWRM approaches, which could be adopted by the Ukrainian National Water Committee.