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"WATERDOC"- IOWater’s documentary base

Published April 2011

(The News N° 21 - January 2011)

"WATERDOC", IOWater’s documentary base, has managed since 1970 a global fund of technical, institutional and socioeconomic documents covering the management of water and aquatic environments in France, Europe and Worldwide.

Thanks to the Polyspot search engine, the "WATERDOC" portal offers comprehensive and federated search to users.

The online consultation is free and unrestricted, and focuses on references of books, reports and journal articles in French (40%) and other European languages (60%) in agreement with intellectual property rights.

Users can also access full text documents when they are free of rights and information from other websites of the Office. The watch tools used optimize the collection of documents that feed "WATERDOC" in real-time and its subheadings.

A "cloud of keywords" specific to the water sector, was established to monitor periodically the news sections on blogs, social networks and websites of publishers of books or magazines and French, European or international public and private organizations.

The "WATERDOC" portal also offers a range of services for technical assistance and support to information search and tailored ser vices: technical watch, bibliometric ana - lysis and bibliographic summaries, etc.

See online : www.iowater.org/documentation