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Training program 2011 for industry

Published April 2011

(The News N° 21 - January 2011)

Historically, water has always been a strategic resource for industry and is found at the core of the production process.

Often, industrial plants were located near a water resource, which is both a source of energy, a raw material and solvent or thermal fluid in the process. Its quality must be controlled and its quantity optimized to reduce production and water treatment costs.

Very often thought as responsible for "all kinds of pollution", huge efforts have been made by manufacturers in the past 30 years to limit pollution by "macro-pollutants" (COD, SS ,...) including by changing their manufacturing processes and especially by incorporating waste water treatment into their plants.

The regulations require that the water discharged by wastewater treatment plants comply with quality standards and is comple - tely reliable.

Today, faced with regulatory changes, the new challenge for industry will be to limit and deal with its production of "micro-pollutants".

Achieving these goals will lead to good chemical and ecological status of Water Bodies imposed by the European Directives.

Decrease in water consumption and recycling are at the heart of current thinking conducted by manufacturers to improve their processes. They are also working on possible reuse or recovery of some discharged pollutants.

Water management by the manufacturer is also becoming a "marketing" argument on his way to contribute to sustainable development. More importantly, the development of green chemistry (to reduce or eliminate the use and synthesis of hazardous substances), pushes the industry to use new technologies or clean products.

Industrial sites must now have a comprehensive approach to managing the water cycle. The emergence of new professions with specialized skills requires trained and qualified personnel.

NWTC, aware of these challenges for manufacturers, has developed a specific training offer in its catalogue “Industry 2011”.