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Mediterranean countries (2006): MEDWIP/ Feasibility study on the development of a regional water observation mechanism in the Mediterranean region

Published May 2011

MEDWIP/ Feasibility study on the development of a regional water observation mechanism in the Mediterranean region

July 2006- January 2008


PURCHASER: UE/French Ministry for the Environment

Background :

According to the mandate given to EMWIS by the Euro-Mediterranean Ministers during the Turin Conference on Local Water Management, the Euro-Mediterranean Water Directors agreed to study, with the voluntary countries, the feasibility of "a water observation mechanism in the Mediterranean" for monitoring:

- The performance indicators of the Millenium objectives in the field of water and sanitation in the Mediterranean ;

- The implementation of the water part of the Mediterranean Sustainable Development Strategy, based on information originating from existing national water information systems.


This study has been coordinated by EMWIS Technical Unit with two phases:

- The first one for identifying the objectives and the main prospects of such a mechanism (2006) ;

- The second one for drawing up detailed proposals for the implementation of this mechanism (2007). 


Both phases have been implemented by IOWater with national consultants contributions for:

- Analysing the collection and dissemination processes at the international level (investigations with the following international organisations EC/ DG Env, EEA, Eurostat/medstat, EUWI-med, FAO, GWP, IME, Info-RAC , JMP, MEDPOL, OSS, Blue Plan, UNEP/MAP, UNESCO/WWAP, World Bank, World Water Council ...):

- Analysing the situation in 8 pilot countries : Cyprus, France, Jordan, Spain, Morocco, Malta, Tunisia


The results of this first phase and proposed orientations were presented and approved during the Water Directors’ meeting in Athens (November 2006).


The second phase results were presented and approved during the Water Directors’ meeting in Bled (Slovania- December 2007)


Services :

Phase 1:

- Contribution to the overall organisation of the study

- Contribution to the preparation of TOR for consultants

- Preparation of questionnaires and coordination of consultants (national and international)

- Synthesis of works and drafting of phase 1 report regarding:

 - the analysis of potential requests related to such a mechanism

 - the synthesis of various existing observation mechanisms at the regional or national level

 - the elaboration of a vision and definition of overall orientations proposed through the mechanism

- Presentation and validation of outputs during the Water Directors’ conference in Athens (Nov. 2006)


Phase 2 :

Setting up collaborative devices, including

- An interactive catalogue describing water data information sources (metadata) in the 8 voluntary countries of the pilot phase and using GIS functionalities;

- A web portal prototype for the proposed information mecanism on water in the mediteranean region, including web mapping functionalities; http://www.semide.net/medwip


Organisation of priority works for :

- Encouraging the production and optimization of water interoperable data, and of water data services;

- Supporting the national capacities, related to the production of data of common interest developing; networks of data services (research, consultation, download…) in order to meet national expectations while being compatible with the expectations at the regional level;

- Producing expected results on priority topics such as the production of "Millennium water indicators", the indicators of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development, etc.;

- Defining the implementation program of the mechanism implementation with corresponding budget.


Establishing the base for the partnership with the European Environmental Agency for a link the Water Information System in Europe (WISE).