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Hungary/Romania (2005): Transboundary River Basin Management of the Körös/Crisuri River, a Tisza/Tisa sub-Basin / WPC1: Information handling and analysis, general GIS of the basin

Published May 2011

Transboundary River Basin Management of the Körös/Crisuri River, a Tisza/Tisa sub-Basin / WPC1: Information handling and analysis, general GIS of the basin

January 2005 - June 2007


PURCHASER: French Environment Fund

Background :

The access to information concerning the status and the evolution of the water resource and its uses is a major stake as regards water policy. In the case of WFD implementation on a transboundary water management, the data management is a fundamental transversal activity aiming to organise the production and the access to the information necessary for planning, decision taking and public information.

To be efficient any water related information system must take into consideration the existing procedures and tools that are applied by the various actors at national level, but also at local and regional level. Within this Koros/Crisuri project, a specific attention was given to to the local and national data and information management procedures, but also to the ones promoted by the ICPDR in particular through the ICPDR portal and through the DRBGIS project.


The work package C1 was organised as a project service provider in order to answer to the needs of the others group of the project. This was done through:

- A short need and context analysis, followed by a kick off workshop organised in order to define, with the decidors on water management of regional, national and local level and with IT technical representatives, the outputs and services that could be developed within the project in relation with data and information management, as well as the necessary technical platform components to be implemented

- Various regular technical meetings to develop step by step the technical platform and the expected output, in conformity with the progressive user expectations, and respecting the procedures and the technical orientations adopted at regional level.

- A study tour in France, that allowed a rich exchange of experience between French, Hungarian and Romanian experts on transboundary water data management


Services :

1/ Implementation of a common technical platform to facilitate the production and the dissemination of the necessary information

- A common web site for the dissemination of the information

- A GIS based on ArcGIS tools, applying common procedures for the production of maps

- A web mapping prototype

- A catalogue of metadata and data sources available on Internet

2/ The production of 4 main serials of maps

- The serial 1 map 1 to 16 describes the basin following the same logic of the roof reports maps prepared by the ICPDR for EU. Tests for checking the compliance of the layers used with the DRBGIS templates V0.2 here also done here;

- The serial 2maps 1 to 9 were requested by the Working group C2 to contribute to the contingency plan documents;

- The serial 3 and 4 maps requested to contribute to the document related to the programme of measure.