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Algeria (2004): Assistance to the River Basin Agencies – ABH - focused on Information Systems

Published May 2011

Assistance to the River Basin Agencies – ABH - focused on Information Systems

January 2004 - December 2005


PURCHASER: French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Background :

In the framework of the overall Algerian-French cooperation program developed in 2004 and 2005 with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, six 1 week-missions were realised by IOWater experts.


In compliance with ABH requirements, these missions allowed in particular to :

- Review the water IS context in Algeria (information sources, existing systems, ongoing projects, human and material capacities at ABH level) ;

- Analyse ABH information demands, and specifically those related to the water cadastre ;

- Present the French experience on water data management developed in the framework of RNDE ;

- Identify and analyse the existing information systems systems at the ANRH (Agence Nationale des Ressources Hydriques), one of the main water resources data provider in Algeria

- Support the structuring of ABH information systems through the development of a first model entity-relation model type covering all the topics of the water cadastre, and the other main data required by ABH ;

- Introduce the available functionalities of Arc-GIS type GIS tools ;

- Present water resources codification principles used in France and in Europe and in a number of other countries ;

- Set up and coordinate a working group dealing with the codification of surface waters (wadi, lakes) ;

- Develop an Access application for editing charge invoices of the ABH ;

- Support Internet portal development


These missions mainly consisted in working groups and training gathering generally a number of institutions such as : ABH, ANRH,INCT (Institut National de Cartographie et Télédétection), ANAT (Agence Nationale d’Aménagement du Territoire).


Services :

Technical support and training for the development of information management techniques : geographic information systems, data bases, Internet portal.