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Czech Republic (2002-2004) : Support to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive

Publié : Mai 2011

Support to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive

January 2002 - December 2004

BENEFICIARY : Ministry of the Environment, Czech Republic

FUNDING : European Commission

Background :

The twinning CZ2001/IB-EN-01 dealt with the implementation of the European Framework Directive 2000/60/EC. It was carried out by a Group of Member States (United Kingdom – group leader -, Austria and France), in which IOWater was mainly responsible for the organization of management plans at the level of a pilot river basin (Orlice Povodi), for public participation and the network for monitoring and following-up aquatic environments.


Services :

The part entrusted to IOWater dealt with :

 the drafting of a manual for the evaluation of procedures ;

 training on procedures for preparing a management plan for the pilot Basin ;

 training on the use of the decision-making support system ;

 the development of a strategy for long-term data management ;

 the development of strategies for medium-term and short-term data management ;

 a strategy for dialogue with partners and the population - with a view to using it in the preparation of a management plan in the pilot Orlice basin ;

 the practical implementation of this strategy.

 the economic aspects of the Framework Directive ;

 an illustration : the characterization of the Orlice basin.