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Haiti - A technical and regulatory reference frame to support the development of the water sector

Published November 2013

The National Directorate of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation in Haiti (DINEPA) was created by the Water Act of 2009 to especially harmonize practices and projects implemented by its many partners in the country, whether national, international, public, private, NGO, etc. On 22 October 2013, IOWater submitted to DINEPA, in the presence of the highest national Authorities, the National Technical Reference Frame for drinking water supply and sanitation in Haiti, after two years of work funded by UNICEF. This technical and regulatory reference frame gathers more than 110 documents for appro - ximately 3,000 pages, detailing best practices, minimum requirements or prohibitions for each type of structure, material, or process. All sectors are covered: from toilets for private homes to the building of metallic drinking water tanks, through the management of water kiosks, the building of systems, management or security rules.

See online : http://www.oieau.fr/pub/Internation...