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Colombia - A National Environmental System

Published January 2014

Since 2012, the International Office for Water has been implementing the French-Colombian cooperation project funded by the Adour Garonne Water Agency with the Colombian Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development. This institutional support focuses on three main issues:
- Methodologies for formulating the Strategic Plan for the Rio Magdalena- Cauca;
- Improvement of data management under the Environmental Information System of Colombia (SIAC) and more specifically the Water Resource Information System (SIRH), managed by the National Institute IDEAM.
- Organization of industrial pollution control in the Rio Bogota.
The CAR/ Rio Bogota, the largest of the 32 Colombian Regional Environmental Authorities, and IOWater organized a series of visits to industrialists which helped to check the relevance of the formulated recommendations.

See online : http://www.oieau.fr/pub/Internation...