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”GEST’EAU” : Better understanding the ”SAGEs” and Environments Contracts

Published March 2015

Established in 2002 by the French Ministry of Ecology and IOWater, ”Gest’eau” is the national website dedicated to Water Development and Management Plans (SAGE) and Environments Contracts.
In 2014, it had more than 1.2 million visitors.
Sharing the actions completed Its objective is to foster the sharing of knowledge between stakeholders involved in local integrated water management processes.
For such a purpose, IOWater has developed the website since its creation: in 2014, this represents 164 descriptive sheets of the ”SAGE” and 90 updated sheets on the Environments Contracts, 10 new documentary entries, 1,402 documentary notes entered, 12 newsletters, including 6 with a testimony.
Monitoring the progress of integrated water management tools
If these tools are now better known, stakeholders in local water management are always curious to know about their progress and evolution. Therefore IOWater conducted a study to:
  • Identify a list of key figures for the ”SAGEs” and Environments Contracts,
  • Describe the necessary data and formulas to calculate these key figures,
  • Develop an automatic calculation system 

See online : www.gesteau.eaufrance.fr