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Corsica Missions for the Corsican Hydraulic Equipment Board (OEHC)

Published March 2015

 In 2013, the Corsican Hydraulic Equipment Board (OEHC) commissioned IOWater for an assessment of the operation of drinking water treatment units.
The visit of Rizzanese (Sartène), Bomortu (Ajaccio), Codole and Calvi plants, and interviews with technical staffs, allowed listing the weaknesses and strengths of the services.
In 2014, IOWater assessed the skills of the technical staffs of Codole and Calvi plants in Upper Corsica.
This second mission proposed a new organization of the service, including through team strengthening, staff training and technical improvements, especially regarding the chlorination points in the distribution system.

See online : http://www.oieau.org/pub/Internatio...