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The 6th World Water Forum : "Time for Solutions"

Publié : Février 2012

The international water community is invited to participate in the 6th World Water Forum – Time for solutions.
Here is how to join the change makers in Marseilles, March 12 to 17, 2012.
- Send your solution for addressing the global water challenges to the Platform :
- Join one of the working groups in charge of identifying solutions and generating commitments.
For this purpose, follow a 3-step process :
* consult the list of priorities and targets on ;
* select the target(s) related to your solution(s) ;
* contact the coordinator by e-mail with your proposal of solution(s).
- Participate to the Forum sessions in March. Registration is open.
- But also … you may propose a project and get the Forum label by the Grassroots and Citizenship Commission ; organize a side event or participate in the water exhibition.
Since 1997, the World Water Forums have gathered all the stakeholders concerned – at local, regional and global level - around today’s water issues that cannot be undertaken without all stakeholders gathered into a common framework and with shared goals.
Next March, 20 to 25,000 participants, 800 speakers, more 140 countries are awaited for more than 400 hours of exchange and over 300 conferences.
The 6th Forum innovations include :
- a platform of solutions to last beyond 2012,
- a roadmap for concrete commitments, involving experts and decision makers from different background from all regions of the world,
- a new commission, "Grassroots and Citizenship", to involve the civil society,
- the strengthening of the political process, through significant commitments from parliamentarians and local and regional authorities worldwide.
The daily progresses will be summarized in the evening multi-stakeholders synthesis sessions and the commitments and declarations will be made at the end of the week.
With UNESCO, OECD, UNECE and the European Commission, the International Network of Basin Organizations is coordinator of the Priority for Action : "Contribute to Cooperation and Peace" focusing on Transboundary Management, of the Condition for Success : “improving good Governance“, and of the European sessions on the Water Convention and the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive.