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Water, Climate and Development Program (WACDEP) To develop water security and resilience to climate change

Publié : Février 2012

Adaptation to climate change impacts on water is an emerging concern worldwide.
In Africa, this issue is especially addressed through the Water, Climate and Development Program (WACDEP) established in 2010 by GWP and AMCOW.
To ensure that countries have the abilities to integrate climate resilience and water security in development planning, and develop the investment strategies needed, the partners initiated a project “Framework for water security and development of climate resilience”.
Led by HR Wallingford, this project associates the International Office for Water in particular in all aspects of adaptation in transboundary river basins.
The project results will form a set of benchmarks for developing countries to implement the necessary adaptation plans, develop the investments with "no regrets" that are needed in Africa, and to finance strategies for action.
The WACDEP will provide :
* A Technical Paper for drafting a policy framework on the development of water security and climate resilience ;
* The strategic framework itself will specify how to develop adaptation actions and make suitable policy decisions in African countries ;
* Some brief notes for policy makers, particularly on investment with "no regrets" ;
* A strategy for capacity building and an implementation plan.
Results are expected by spring 2012.