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Kenya Support to the Mombasa Water Company

Publié : Février 2012

Since 2010, IOWater has been carrying out with its partner SEURECA a major project of support to the Water and Sanitation Company of MOMBASA, Kenya, financed by the French Development Agency. The 24-month technical assistance assignment is based on six key topics :
* establishment of a Geographic Information System (GIS),
* a large leak detection program,
* creation of a new computer system for subscriber and Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
* full audit of the functional organization of the Company so as to undertake any restructuring,
* strengthening the monitoring of the supplied water quality through the modernization of the analysis laboratory,
* an extensive training program designed to build the professional skills and abilities of MOWASCO staff, including the handling of new technological resources (e.g. GIS and CRM).
IOWater initially carried out audits of the company (418 people) and activities to highlight the difficulties and challenges.
A new organizational chart was proposed and approved by the General Directorate, with a precise definition for each of the departments of the company, of its functions, activities, organization, number of employees and qualifications needed and performance indicators to be followed.
IOWater is committed to providing a new customer management software which will be operational in 2012. The new software functionalities should allow MOWASCO moving towards more automated and accurate management to the users’ satisfaction.
Proposals were also made to reorganize the laboratory for monitoring drinking water quality and for defining a training plan.