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A technical reference frame on Water in Haiti

Publié : Février 2012

A way to increase the capacity of the water sector and the life-span of infrastructures

DINEPA, National Directorate for Water Supply and Sanitation in Haiti, has entrusted IOWater with drafting National Technical Directives and technical guidelines in the field of Water Supply and Sanitation.


Faced with the heterogeneity of stakeholders in the design and implementation of infrastructure projects, DINEPA should achieve harmonization necessary for :
* simplifying operation and maintenance
* better controlling master plans and financial aspects,
* ensuring the quality of the projects and water quality in the long term.


Beyond these purely technical challenges, the development of this national reference frame (which will be hosted on a documentary portal, with associated training) is also a strategic element of the capacity building of the sector.


Thus, this set of guidelines and directives will gradually allow homogeneous achievements available to Haitian companies trained in adapted and mastered techniques. Local stakeholders will gradually develop the economic activity of the sector, avoiding the pitfalls of malfunction due to ignorance or lack of technical and regulatory framework. This action is actively involved in the construction of the water sector and its development.