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Dong Nai Pilot Project Vietnam

Publié : Février 2012

The Dong Nai Basin pilot project, coordinated by IOWater, aims to provide MONRE (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) with :

* Institutional support, financed by the French Loire-Brittany and Seine- Normandy Water Agencies ;

* Assistance in developing the Dong Nai Management Plan, in connection with an information and monitoring system for surface water, funded by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment.


In a first step, it means strengthening the role of the Directorate for Water Resources Management of MONRE for central coordination and of the DWRPIS (Division for Water Resources Planning and Investigation of South Vietnam), which will become the Dong Nai River Basin Organization.


Year 2011 has been rich in actions on the different project components :

* Participation of French legal experts in the drafting by MONRE of the future Water Law ;

* Organization of the first meeting of the future Dong Nai Basin Committee and discussions on the characterization of the Dong Nai ;

* Finalization of sectoral reviews for developing the Management Plan in the fields of domestic waters, industry, agriculture, regulation of water regime and hydromorphology by experts of the French Water Agencies ;

* Establishment of a water information system ;

* Support to the development of the Basin’s water monitoring provided by Asconit ;

* Development of the Dong Nai pilot management plan coordinated by SCE Consultants.


Support to the development of information systems


The "information system" component of the French-Vietnamese cooperation program aims to support MONRE in its role as coordinator of "national water data and information management". It also aims to foster the sharing of data between the various stakeholders producing data.


A first inventory of existing data sources was established with an online catalogue which already provides access, in English and Vietnamese, to descriptions of over 350 sources.


The initial diagnostic phase has also noted that data processing and enhancement are very limited for reasons mainly related to the heterogeneity of the data produced and the lack of procedures for information sharing between producers and users.


A short-term action plan was thus presented to create an organizational and technical framework for facilitating shared data management between the national and basin levels, and developing a pilot information system on the Dong Nai Basin, in accordance with the new Vietnamese legislation.