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IOWater put water in its beer ... "Made in France" and "Made in Romania !"

Publié : Février 2012

For many years IOWater has been working with the malt houses of the Soufflet Group for tailor-made training activities on site (Arcy-sur-Aube, Nogent sur Seine) and a diagnostic study on the malting wastewater treatment plant at Pithiviers.
This year, we were asked for a series of diagnostic studies : the wastewater treatment plants chosen by the Soufflet Group were the plants of Nogent-sur-Seine, Polisy and Pithiviers. The last two plants are old with a number of malfunctions primarily caused by the wear of electromechanical elements or by operating rules forgotten over the time. For the newest plant of Nogent-sur-Seine (the largest production plant of the French group), the objective was to check and define the operating instructions.
But it did not stop there...
Recently the group has built a production plant in Buzau in Romania : the site was equipped with a wastewater treatment plant and the treatment results showed some fluctuations making it unreliable in relation with local standards. The objective of the on-site assessment was to validate the sizing and operating instructions.
These assessments enabled the actions, needed on the very short and medium term, to be taken by the group on the plants for optimizing and reliabilizing their operation