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IWRM-Net - Scientific Coordination Project

Publié : Février 2012

For 5 years, from 2006 to 2010, the European IWRM-Net project, which IOWater coordinated, has gathered 20 organizations from 14 countries involved in research programs on integrated water management.
IWRM-Net has developed activities for cooperation and exchange in this area.
Two calls for transnational projects have been possible, allowing launching new research on topics such as hydromorphology, water governance, the problems of drought and scarcity, climate change, but also socioeconomic development and evaluation of policies on Integrated Water Resources Management.
IWRM-Net Scientific Coordination Project aims to guarantee the continuity of the research projects that were financed by the calls for proposals of the European IWRM-Net program.
The French Ministry for Ecology, at the initiative of IWRM-Net-SCP, aims to include these projects in the broader context of European Research on Water.
The website has been updated and includes, in addition to a science policy information interface, links to 10 financed projects, 6 of which being multinational projects launched in 2010 on the following topics :
* Water Cap and Trade (scenarios of "water markets" in Southern Europe) ;
* Water2Adapt (water demand management for adaptation to climate change) ;
* IMPACT (model of river restoration) ;
* ICARUS (adaptation of ecosystems to climate change in Southern European rural areas) ;
* CLIMAWARE (climate change impact on river flows and their consequences on hydromorphological conditions ;
* ESAWADI (ecosystem service approach for WFD implementation).