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Publié : Février 2012

New integrated water resources management systems for Southern Europe
The NOVIWAM (Novel Integrated Water Management Systems for Southern Europe) project aims to promote interregional cooperation on tools and methods for water management at the level of river basins.
This project is funded by the European Union under FP7 and gathers partners from Albania, Cyprus, France, Portugal and Spain and will be developed for neighboring countries facing similar water management problems, existing in the Euro-Mediterranean climate space.
The need analysis in terms of research was completed in early 2011.
The establishment of a joint action plan between the partners has been initiated.
Communication and dissemination of results
The constant exchanges between partners and the communication of work are the guarantors of the success of this project.
In 2010 and 2011, two conferences were held in Poitiers and Oporto on the following topics :
* Integrated river basin management
* Urban wastewater management ;
* Quality of water and aquatic ecosystems ;
* An irrigation best suited to the situation of the resource ;
* Governance tools and modeling.
The associated roundtables were designed to initiate the action plan and to define the essential tools that can be developed.
Optimizing identification and dissemination of findings of European Water research
The "Waterdiss2.0" (Dissemination and uptake of Framework Program water research results) project aims to promote dissemination of European research results on water.
This project is coordinated by the International Office for Water and includes 8 partners from France, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Romania, Poland and Italy.
It is funded by the European Union.
Thanks to an innovative methodology "Waterdiss2.0" allows :
* enhancing faster research results, with the development of individual strategies for joint dissemination, defined with the project coordinators,
* bringing together "producers" and "users" of research, through their participation in various events such as Pollutec 2011 in Paris or WWF6 in Marseilles in March 2012,
* exchanging via a platform,
creating a network, the "European Water Community", which aims to improve water management in Europe by promoting links between research and public policy (Science Policy Interface).
European Union : new priority substances
IOWater, associated with INERIS, has for 6 years provided technical assistance to the DG Environment of the European Commission for WFD implementation.
In the fall of 2011, the Commission used the results of this work to propose to the European Parliament a new list of "priority substances" with concentrations to comply with.
Using a database of 15 million analyses collected in 28 countries, a website for experts has been created, in a first step, and summarizes on sheets the available data for each substance.
The site will be accessible to everyone after the publication of the new list.
The collection tool used to gather these data will also be available.
Written in English, it was designed to be used both by an expert in databases and by a non-expert.
Everyone will be able to use it to collect analyses on water, sediment and biota, in accordance with the needs of the European Commission and European Environment Agency.
It includes procedures for data import and export in XML format and automatic checks that allow for distribution in decentralized services and the gathering of structured files.