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Albania Updating of national technical standards for the Ministry of Public Works and Transport

Publié : Février 2012

Albania significantly needs to renovate and develop its water and sanitation infrastructure. The work undertaken so far has been made by international companies with funds or loans from international development agencies.
As the Albanian current standards for studies and construction are dating back to 1974 for the water and sanitation sector, the state-of-the-art is outdated and inadequate. Given this situation, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport has asked IOWater to update the technical requirements for design and construction in the area of water and sanitation as part of a FASEP project in a consortium with SAUR.
The criteria used for preparing the new technical documentation will be relevant for local technical, organizational and financial conditions.
The issued requirements will be accompanied by technical guides and sheets for educational purposes for the operators and owners. All the topics of the water and sanitation sector will be discussed : drilling, treatment, pumping, drinking water supply, wastewater collection and treatment and on-site sanitation.
Under this project, IOWater will carry out a series of training courses for the stakeholders of the sector, who will need to use the drafted documents, and will create a web platform for appropriate dissemination of this technical documentation.
Ultimately, this project will enable Albania to develop, with its own means and with the help of partners, suitable water supply and sanitation systems in good working order, which will benefit all Albanians.
Photo : Signing of the agreement with the French Ambassador and the Albanian Minister for Public Works and Transport.