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IOWater / NWC-JCBU : collaboration is confirmed in Jeddah

Publié : Février 2012

The National Water Company NWC-JCBU (Jeddah City Business Unit) entrusted the International Office for Water with carrying out 36 training courses, corresponding to 145 training days between October 2010 and May 2011.
This first training program was mostly implemented by Arabic-speaking trainers previously trained in the National Water Training Center (NWTC-IOWater). Two courses on "Electronics and remote management" and "Maintenance of mechanical equipment in water plants" were delivered in English.
The educational documents used were designed by IOWater to meet local conditions. The 40 training kits were developed in English and then translated into Arabic.
About 480 JCBU employees from the Water and Sanitation departments benefited from this very technical training program.
Many foreign workers are involved in company operation in Saudi Arabia, as is the case for the NWC. These courses were in English for those who are not Arabic speakers.
For both courses, students were Indians, Filipinos and Saudis.
Following the success of this training program, it is expected that IOWater accompanies the NWC-JCBU in the design and implementation of a second training plan in 2012.