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"Algérienne des Eaux" (ADE) Seminar on Skills Management for Human Resources Managers

Publié : Février 2012

Under the cooperation between the "Algérienne des Eaux" (Algerian Waters -ADE) and the Belgian Development Agency (CTB - Algeria) regarding the component "Technical Assistance to Water Training Centers", IOWater was selected, on invitation to tender, to organize a Seminar in Algiers on Skills Management for thirty ADE key executives in charge of managing human resources.
For the record, the number of ADE staff members is approximately 27,000 people spread over five major regions of Algeria, taking into account the gradual integration of the 952 municipal boards, representing a payroll of more than 9,000 million of Algerian Dinars.
The methods and tools for provisional jobs and skills management presented at the 3-day Seminar, held in January 2011, helped to reinforce the strategy for modernizing human resources management implemented by the "Algérienne des Eaux", by meeting the expectations of the participants on the following :
* Strategic challenges of Skills Management ;
* Principles and basic choices structuring the skills management policies ;
* Skills Development : adaptation, development, optimization and anticipating needs ;
* Formalization of a skills management policy ;
* Career management and development system ;
* Performance evaluation system and management by objectives ;
* Management of staff mobility ;
* Management of replacement and transfer of acquired know-how ;
* The role of continuing education.
Numerous exchanges with the participants showed their keen interest and the presence of ADE’s Director General, who closed the seminar by a strong advocacy on these new HRM methods, showed the priority given by the Directorate General of the "Algérienne des Eaux" in this important vehicle for change and progress.
Handbook on Educational Engineering for ADE’s Water Training Center in Algiers
Under the cooperation between the "Algérienne des Eaux" (Algerian Waters -ADE) and the Belgian Development Agency (CTB - Algeria) regarding the component "Technical Assistance to Water Training Centers", IOWater was selected, on invitation to tender, to develop a set of handbooks on Educational Engineering to structure and coordinate the training offer of the new WTC of ADE, currently nearing completion on the site of Cherarba, near Algiers airport.
The guiding principles assigned to IOWater expert mission were :
* The handbook should be fully relevant and consistent with the strategic objectives of the center and with its human resources management policy.
* It should anticipate its evolution by integrating the concepts, tools and modern requirements that may influence or outright change the proposed educational engineering arrangement.
* Use the full potential of educational support that the planned educational units will provide the training center of Algiers.
* Take into account the need for controlling training cost and optimizing training investments.
* Develop a participatory approach to allow involving all stakeholders from the identification / validation step up to the commissioning step.
* Provide a transfer of know-how in educational management and engineering.
In terms of concepts, the reference model considered by IOWater for the development of these handbooks on Educational Engineering is designated by the acronym "ADDIE" (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) or "ISD" (Instructional System Design) that were developed in the United States.
This innovative action, reflects the interests of the "Algérienne des Eaux" to acquire the latest methods on the production of skills for its personnel, applied in a quality approach to vocational training to be deployed by the new WTC of ADE in Algiers.
The completion of IOWter expert mission, scheduled for November 2011, will close with a training course for ADE’s HRM staff on the use of these new methods and tools.
Illustrations : ADDIE and ISD models
Training of ADE’s trainers
To help improve the drinking water supply service in Algeria, the "Algérienne des Eaux" (ADE) is creating a training center for drinking water supply in Cherarba in the area east of Algiers.
In parallel to the construction of the center’s infrastructures, the ADE is selecting and training the future trainers. It entrusted IOWater with a mission to assist in this recruitment :
* Definition of the trainers’ team adapted to the start of the training center,
* Support to the development of professional references and trainers’ skills,
* Advice in the selection of trainers,
* Support for preparing the trainers’ training plan,
* Training at the NWTC of the recruited trainers. The training of trainers will especially focus on the handling of the educational units adapted to training in real situation.