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IOWater - GIZ Morocco : International Benchmarking on green jobs

Publié : Février 2012

GIZ Morocco and the Moroccan Ministry for the Environment actively contribute to developing a strategy for the development of environmental jobs - green jobs - in Morocco. The Kingdom has the will to have the skills needed for its sustainable development.
GIZ Morocco entrusted the International Office for Water with an assignment to draft a summary of the French and Spanish experiences on operational mechanisms for capacity building in environmental professions.
For this purpose, IOWater’s National Water Training Center studied at first the importance and development of green jobs (qualitative and quantitative aspects, classification of green jobs) in France and in Spain.
The roles and objectives of the institutions responsible for environmental professions and environmental training (Ministry for the Environment ...) were then identified.
IOWater has also defined strategies, approaches and action plans used in the process of developing jobs, skills and training in the environmental sector in France and Spain, and the incentives used to promote training and green jobs.
This study has also helped to identify key lessons transferable to the Moroccan situation during a workshop organized by GIZ Morocco and the Moroccan Ministry for the Environment.