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The Union of Turkish Municipalities, Project to create a Water Training Center in Turkey

Publié : Février 2012

In continuation of the bilateral cooperation between France and Turkey in the water sector, which had been initiated in 2010, the International Office for Water received in June 2011 a large delegation of representatives from the Union of Turkish Municipalities (TBB), also including several Managers of water utilities of large urbanized areas.
This study visit, which was made possible through the support of the French Embassy in Ankara, allowed the TBB delegates having a detailed visit of IOWater’s National Water Training Center, located in Limoges and La Souterraine.
A work meeting at IOWater head office in Paris was an opportunity for fruitful exchanges between the TBB Managers and representatives from the AFD and MAEE ; in addition, a Partnership Cooperation Agreement between TBB and IOWater was drafted.
As a result from this visit, the Union of Turkish Municipalities has officially embarked on a project to create a Water Training Center (WTC) to meet the practical training needs of the many Turkish operators.
The strategy chosen by TBB would be implemented in two phases :
- First phase : adaptation of existing infrastructure on the sites of Kayseri, south-east of the country, and that of Koaceli, north-west in the province of Sakarya ;
- Second phase : from there, TBB is planning to create a "main" WTC, which would be located in a Multi-professional Training Campus in Ankara, for the technical staff of the municipalities.
A IOWater’s expert mission (intervention also supported by the Embassy) is planned in November 2011 with the aim to analyze how to implement this strategy and to develop a Training of Trainers program in Turkey.