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Training on "waste" In 2008, CNFME will propose 30 training courses in the municipal waste sector

Publié : Février 2007

 This new offer really started in 2007 and proposes :
* good practices for the management and treatment of municipal waste,
* collection and sorting of municipal waste (collection optimization, waste sorting unit, waste reception center, waste of electrical and electronic equipment -WEEE, etc.),
* waste treatment and end-use (composting, storage center, incineration, etc.),
* characterization and treatment of leachate,
* good management of waste from building sites,
* account taking of hygiene and safety rules,
* waste from the water and sanitation sector (sludge, waste resulting from preliminary treatment, sewer cleaning, etc.…).
To know about this offer in detail and practical conditions, please consult the catalogue 2008 on waste on our website.