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The French Water Information System

Publié : Février 2008

The French Water Information System (WIS) is designed to meet the needs for public environmental information in the water sector and aims at a consistent management of water data.
It gathers partners, signatories of the WIS Agreement, under the authority of the Water Directorate of the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development (MESD).
According to the new Water Law, the WIS organization is now under the responsibility of ONEMA – National Office for Water and Aquatic Environments.
WIS relies on common reference frames, databases and websites.
IOWater is in charge of the National Data Reference Center for Water (SANDRE), within the WIS Agreement.
SANDRE establishes a common language for water data which contributes to the Water Information System (WIS).
It also draws up the specifications of the WIS architecture, allowing technical interoperability, and manages the reference frames of the WIS.
Year 2007 was marked by various actions aiming at providing more services to its users.
That year, IOWater drew up the catalogue of cartographic water data, which enables to look for data, to access their description (source, creation date, contact, summary), to download the geographical layers and to visualize them on a dynamic map.
SANDRE has written technical specifications, allowing, on the one hand, the exchange of data on water analyses between the DDASS and the Water Suppliers, and, on the other, the laboratories to collect data on field water analyses with a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).