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Governance improvement of drinking water supply and sanitation utilities The Voiron Community of Agglomerations

Publié : Février 2007

The creation of communities of municipalities or agglomerations involves regrouping the drinking water supply and/or sanitation utilities.
In addition to the legal and financial aspects of this regrouping, these new community services are very often encountering problems in defining their human and material means and facing organizational difficulties. Indeed, it is necessary to find a new sharing of assignments and tasks to meet the technical needs of the service and the subscribers’ requirements.
All bodies are concerned, but, when the new Community service is created, it is often the Administrative and Financial Center facing the biggest impact, which, paradoxically, will be considered as a minor priority.
This was well understood by the water supply service of the Voiron Community of Agglomerations (approximately 90.000 inhabitants managed under public corporation) : wishing to give its Water Utilities the best possible effectiveness, it selected IOWater to help in this project.
After a detailed study of the Administrative Center operation and constraints of the existing water service, IOWater proposed a new organization to meet the challenges resulting from the increase in users of the service, by redefining and optimizing the customers’ reception. Beyond this proposal, the technical study of the new structure aimed at defining the human and material means necessary for its operation.
In continuation of this action, IOWater helped in defining the functionalities of the information processing system for achieving integrated management of the service, including the reading of meters and the invoicing to subscribers, the automatic calculation of the performance indicators, the management of information flows between the water utility, the sanitation utility and public accounting (Treasury), the follow-up of third parties’ actions (from request to invoicing), the direct comparison of the graphic or alphanumeric data of the Geographical Information System and the Electronic Management of Documents.
Following the selection of the most adapted data-processing solution, the relay was passed to the executive team of the water service of the Community of Agglomerations for its application of the proposed strategy and utilization of the new software.
Owing to the obtained results, the Voiron Community of Agglomerations also asked IOWater to set up an efficient organization of its sanitation service and to make an appraisal of its technical installations, more particularly of the pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants.