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National Water Committee Identification of the French NWC’s counterparts over the world

Publié : Février 2007

 The French National Water Committee (NWC) has two fundamental features : on the one hand, it gives optional advices on the issues of national interest, on the other, its composition is representative of all the stakeholders in water management.
Based on these two criteria, the study, ordered by the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, aimed at finding the NWC’s counterparts in all the countries of the European Union and in a selection of countries throughout the world.
Out of the 43 studied countries, the IOWater study shows that about a third has organizations comparable to the NWC and that, in 8 countries, these organizations were created after 1999. The multiplication of such organizations is thus a relatively recent phenomenon, which corresponds to the spreading of the obligation of transparency and public participation in the decision-making processes. The identification of these participative bodies worldwide will, without any doubt, allow increasing international dialogue between "sister organizations".