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Loire-Brittany Analysis of the operation of small wastewater treatment plants in the Loire-Brittany Basin

Publié : Février 2007

 Since February 2007 and for 18 months, IOWater has carried out a study of the operation of the wastewater treatment processes used in small capacity wastewater treatment plants (50 to 500 pop.eq) in the Loire-Brittany Basin, based on the SATESEs feedbacks.
In addition to a synthesis of the operation of these various processes, this study, carried out for the Loire-Brittany Water Agency, also aimed at initiating a network for technical experience sharing between the Basin SATESEs.
Following the meetings held in the entire basin, four topics were selected for discussion in specific working groups gathering the Basin SATESEs :
* filters planted with reeds,
* sand filters (infiltration-percolation filters and buried filters),
* mixed processes and responses to legal obligations (zero discharge, N and P treatment),
* a cross topic on methods for acceptance of work, self-monitoring, maintenance-hygiene-safety and costs (operation/investments).
While participating in these groups, IOWater also developed a database on 80 representative sites.
The detailed "site-sheets" coming from this database are used as support for the discussions of each working group.
The creation of a specific discussion forum is being finalized to enable each participant to talk about the syntheses and conclusions of the four technical groups.