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The ”Water” catalogue for 2014

Published February 2013

The ”Water” catalogue for 2014 regroups 294 training programs divided into 440 training courses and 8 main topics:

  •  Discovery of water jobs.
  •  Management of water supply and sanitation utilities, staff safety.
  •  Water in the city: analysis and water quality, sensors and flowmeters, drilling, pumping, drinking water production, process water, drinking water supply, community sewerage, storm water, sewerage networks, urban wastewater treatment, treatment of sludge, odor and waste, self-monitoring and quality control, maintenance, energy, automation and remote management.
  •  Water for recreational activities.
  •  Water in nature.
  •  Water in agriculture.
  •  Water in industry.
  •  Decentralized cooperation.


For 2014, the NWTC has designed and proposes 14 new courses in its catalogue.

As part of a training curriculum, the sessions can be selected to achieve, over several months or even a year or two, a customized training program according to the needs.

Qualifying training programs are proposed to meet regulatory requirements and needs for professional skill validation: maintenance of backflow preventers, welding of polyethylene tubes and butt welding (in collaboration with the ”Syndicate of pipes and fittings in polyethylene - STRPE)”, handling of chlorine in bottles, determining of taste and odor of drinking water, water sampling, sampling of hazardous substances in the environment, control of facilities supplied by another water resource, control of connections to the sewerage system, treatment and control of water in swimming pools, river hydrometry, the job of gauger.

These courses are carried out at our Centers of Limoges and La Souterraine on dedicated teaching facilities and with a range of selected materials, representative of the market. Moreover, due to the increase in constraints and needs, NWTC, in partnership with the Loire-Brittany Water Agency (AELB), is creating a new educational platform dedicated to alternative techniques in stormwater management.

Real showroom of these technologies, this facility will, as part of training programs or visits, allow viewing different devices, understand how they work, and address the problems of their sizing and implementation 

See online : http://www.oieau.org/cnfme/