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Energy optimization and audit

Published March 2015

In 2014 and 2015, IOWater contributed to a study on energy optimization of the wastewater treatment plant of Poitiers (La Folie), representing 160,000 pop.eq.
This study was to analyze the water treatment process and seek for global ways to optimize energy consumption. The technical data were provided by the Greater Poitiers Agglomeration.
Using energy consumptions and possibilities for improvement of the processing steps, IOWater proposed several scenarios and tracks for energy savings. Among these, we may mention:
  •  Closer monitoring of energy consumption and validation of energy meters;
  •  Rational use of variable speed drives on some equipment;
  •  The possibility of reusing the sludge produced by using digesters and producing biogas.
The relevance of some solutions was studied, such as the use of turbines or heat recovery on the collectors or at the wastewater treatment plant.
This study was presented by the Greater Poitiers Agglomeration during a technical day organized by IOWater, whose topic was "Energy saving and production in the water and sanitation sector".