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Management of community sanitation systems Performance indicators

Published March 2015

As part of its Multi-Year Target Agreement with ONEMA, IOWater proposed an approach using performance indicators and variables to help with the operational management of community sanitation systems.
It means assessing the community sanitation and wastewater treatment systems to define actions for improving their operation and management.
In a first step, a limited list of the most relevant indicators and variables was established to monitor the status of public sanitation and wastewater treatment systems.
Then operating support tables were developed for the Service: one of them shows the defects and / or major malfunctions that can be identified by these indicators. Another highlights the causes and consequences of malfunction, and defines the main corrective or preventive actions to maintain or restore performance at a good level.
With good indicators, integrated management of community sanitation systems and their patrimonial management can then be dealt with in a pragmatic manner.