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Water Framework Directive and Biodiversity : An integrative approach for the River Basin Management Plans

NNew Peer-Review Mechanism

Published March 2015

The consortium formed by the International Office for Water (France-leader partner), the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (Romania) and the Mediterranean Network of Basin Organization Secretariat (Spain), is implementing the Peer Review Mechanism and taking care of its secretariat.
This project responds to the observations collected in the assessment made by the European Commission of the first 2009-2015 River Basin Management Plans across Europe. It has shown important differences between the EU Member States.
To better share the experience of the practitioners in charge of participative river basin management planning in their own country, the objective of the project is to set up and run a simple, voluntary and targeted system to allow mutual learning between peers about WFD implementation.
Following the first call launched at the beginning of 2015, 16 Receiving Competent Authorities (RCAs) from River Basin Districts located in 11 EU Countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Spain and Sweden) expressed their interest in having answers to some problems encountered in the implementation of their River Basin Management Plan from their colleagues in other Member States.
The Peer Review missions started in August 2015 and will be held until spring 2016.
In parallel, over 60 experts from 15 Member States have registered so far as candidates to carry out reviews by sending their Europass CV and profile form to the secretariat.

To join the community for mutual support on WFD implementation, please contact us: peer.review@oieau.fr

See online : www.aquacoope.org/peer.review/