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Laos : Transposition of the results from the Nam Ngum pilot Basin

Publié : Mars 2015

Phase 2 of the integrated Nam Ngum pilot basin management project was completed in October 2015.

This phase 2, coordinated by IOWater with the support of the Loire Brittany and Rhine-Meuse Water Agencies, consisted in drafting a guidance document recording information on the tools and methods acquired during the project and their application to the Laotian context. The guidance document is composed of 9 "action sheets" that aim at the practical implementation of the National Strategy for Water Resources Management (2012 - 2020).
The technical missions organized in 2015 helped to develop the action sheets linked to three strategic lines of work for the completion of the project :
  •  Definition of the organizational framework for the drafting of a strategy for each basin ;
  •  Development of an operational Water Information System ;
  •  Organization of data management to supply information on the basin status.
These lines of work were discussed by a panel of national and regional stakeholders in seminars organized in March and September 2015 in Vientiane.
The third phase of the project (2016-2017) aims to continue supporting the Laotian Authorities in the extrapolation to the whole country of the basin management mechanisms, successfully tested in the Nam Ngum pilot Basin. The presence of an IOWater’s International Volunteer, based in Vientiane (2016) then in Phnom Penh (2017), will ensure continuity of action through a permanent and direct follow-up of the project for the local and national beneficiaries.