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COP21: Thinking of water for the city of tomorrow.

Adaptation of jobs and of vocational training

Published March 2015

A debate on the theme "Think of water for the city of tomorrow" took place on 8 December 2015 in Paris, at the Grand Palais, as part of the COP21. 50% of the world population already lives in cities and by 2050 this percentage will reach 70%. This urban population growth is increasing pressures on water resources and requires an evolution of urban services.
The debate organized by the French Water Partnership gathered testimonies about potential solutions and actions already taken by the Interdepartmental Syndicate for Sanitation of Greater Paris (SIAAP), Eaux de Paris, SUEZ, the Marseilles Water Company (SEM) or the International Office for Water (IOWater).
This debate was an opportunity for IOWater to present its vision on the evolution, related to the effects of climate change, which will occur in water professions, and on the organization of water services and developments in management practices.
For example, the reuse of treated wastewater involves mastering the filtration and disinfection techniques used in the treatment plants.
To take into account the scarcity of the resource implies that the water systems operating staffs must incorporate into their daily tasks increasingly sophisticated techniques to manage water consumption, losses, pressure, etc ... in real-time.
On this occasion, IOWater presented its training catalogue on adaptation to the effects of climate change. Its training offer for 2016, is already taking into account these developments in water professions and associated skills.