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A strategic approach …

Published 2008

In 1999, IOWater had collaborated in the design, writing and publication of the "guidelines for developing cooperation on water resources: a strategic approach towards sustainable water resources management" of the Directorate-General for Development of the European Commission.

Like the other big donors, the European Commission is reforming its procedures for financing projects in Third Countries. The main change consists in passing from a "project" approach to a "sector" approach. This reform started to be applied in 2002.

In November 2006, a seminar had, with IOWater participation, gathered about twenty executives from the Delegations of the European Commission.

The first question raised was the identification of the exact limits of the "water sector".

The second one was the identification of the national documents dealing with the political and institutional aspects of the water sector.

For the Delegations of the European Commission, the reform also requires a change in the procedures for aid management, to which are added the analysis of policies and projects and the control of aid performances as well as the necessary coordination with the other donors.

IOWater was approached in October 2007 by the group of organizers of AIDCO, the specialized organization of the Commission, to prepare an update of the guidelines, taking into account the experience acquired during 8 years and their evolution.