ALGERIA : "AlgĂ©rienne Des Eaux" - ADE
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IOWater provides assistance to the “Algérienne des Eaux” (ADE) for reinforcing its HRD modernisation process.


The ADE, created by the decree of 21 April 2001 and under the supervision of the Ministry of Water Resources (MRE), is a national State corporation with commercial and industrial management, legal entity and with financial autonomy.

The ADE is now finalising the integration of the staffs coming from the former National Drinking and Industrial Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (AGEP), the 9 national water production and supply companies, the 26 wilaya authorities managing 258 municipalities (EPDEMIA), and the 932 municipal public corporations.

The ADE staff should reach 22,000 people to cover the whole Algerian territory according to a geographical organisation, which consists in 5 main Regions ( Algiers , Oran , Constantine , Ouargla and Chlef), 16 zones and 49 units.

With this objective in mind, the ADE Management Board is initiating an ambitious capacity building programme for its staff, which will rely on the resources of three Training Centres :

IOWater provides assistance with the implementation of this training plan.

Human resources management and training of trainers

In the 2003 programme, the following activities were carried out :

Specialised training programme for trainers

The following tasks were carried out in the 2003 programme :

Once completed this period of "in-situ integration" of the knowledge gained during the training programme for trainers in France , two experts (SAUR and IOWater) went to Algeria (a 1-week period each) for "coaching-advising" the Algerian trainers.

Within the framework of the 2004 Algerian-French Bilateral programme, the technical assistance provided by the International Office for Water to the “Algérienne des Eaux” (ADE) includes 4 main components :

Within the framework of the French-Algerian bilateral co-operation programme for 2005, the following activities were carried out :