Czech Republic : Training and information centre for decision-makers in water management
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The Training and Information Centre for Decision Makers on water management in the Czech Republic was created in the T.G. Masaryk Institute, with the assistance of the International Office for Water.


In 1997 and 1998, this project mobilised 220,000 Ecus (1.430 MFF), co-funded by the Czech Ministry of the Environment, the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the European Commission’s Phare -Partnership programme.

The project enabled :

The Centre is in the Masaryk Institute in Prague . The premises include offices and a conference room and the necessary computer and audio-visual equipment for organising training courses on-site and in other towns of the country.

The catalogue of training courses includes 10 courses intended for representatives of regional and local administrations, based on the modules developed within the project.

The Masaryk Institute’s documentation centre has access to the "EAUDOC" database that can be consulted either locally or on-line via the Internet. The Masaryk Institute is now being part of the international AQUADOC-INTER network of Documentation Centres in the Water Sector.