Southern Europe - ”NOVIWAM”
mardi, 5 avril 2011
/ Evelyne Gauthier

(The News N° 21 - January 2011)

The ”NOVIWAM” project (NOVel Integrated WAter Management Systems for Southern Europe) aims to promote interregional coope - ration on tools and methods for water mana - gement in river basins.

This project, financed by the European Union under the 7th FPRD, involves 5 regional partners in Albania, Cyprus, France, Portugal and Spain and should develop to neighboring countries facing the same challenges. With the help of a feedback and sharing of know-how and technology, the partners are considering the solving of existing problems of water management in the Euro-Mediterranean climate space, in an eco-efficient, sustainable and competitive manner.

IOWater is responsible for communication and dissemination of the project results and coordination of the French group of partners (Poitou-Charentes Region, INRA, CEMAGREF).