Romania (2001-2003) : Environmental cost evaluation and capital spending programme for implementation of the “acquis communautaire”
jeudi, 26 mai 2011
/ Anne-Marie Husson

Environmental cost evaluation and capital spending programme for implementation of the “acquis communautaire”

January 2001 - December 2003

BENEFICIARY : Ministry for Waters and Environmental Protection, Romania

FUNDING : European Commission

Background :

The Twinning  RO2000/OB-EN 01 dealt with the development of a strategy for compliance with the European environmental legislation, with particular reference to financing mechanisms. Its objectives were :

 Preparation of an integrated financial strategy for comparison with the acquired knowledge on the environment

 Approval and implementation of this strategy.


The strategy included :

 A programme for transposing and implementing the 9 most costly directives regarding the following sectors : water, air, wastes and control of industrial pollution,

 Preliminary cost estimate and financial requirements for implementing these directives,

 Proposals for legislative and/or regulatory texts for the set up and operating of economic instruments.


Services :

Short-term assignments of experts on the following components :

 the “water" component ;

 institutional issues in the water sector ;

 directive 98/83.