IWRM-net Scientific Coordination Project (SCP) - Final Conference
jeudi, 30 octobre 2014
/ Didier Delage
During 4 years (2009-2014), the International Office for Water has coordinated the european consortium IWRM-Net SCP.

The IOW had three main goals :
- To be the interface between the research projects funded by IWRM-Net, the funders and more widely with IWRM-Net partners ;
- To create synergies among research projects, between projects and IWRM-Net partners research programmes and other networks ;
- Support the dissemination of IWRM-Net funding initiatives in an integrated manner to IWRM-Net funders, to the scientific community and last but not the least, to the potential users (i.e. water policy makers and managers).

The final conference in Brussels on the 21st & 22nd October, provided opportunities for scientists, water managers, knowledge brokers and policy makers to :
- Consider and develop innovations based on the research results,
- Exchange about their transfer to stakeholders and water managers in different European countries.
More information about this event (programme, presentations, key messages…) is available here :