Algeria Capacity building
vendredi, 27 mars 2015
/ Evelyne Gauthier
As part of an overall plan for capacity building supported by the Algerian Government, IOWater achieved a curriculum for upgrading and acquiring new areas of expertise for consulting firms.
Thus, IOWater conducted several training sessions in Oran for the West Hydro Project consulting firm on the following topics :
Engineers from the Algiers Water and Sanitation Company (SEAAL) also attended training sessions in Limoges in January 2014 on the operation of drinking water production plants, including the establishment of energy balances and carbon footprints.
Under the Support Program for the Water and Sanitation Sector - Water II, led by the Ministry of Water Resources (MRE) with the support of the European Union, the Algerian National Sanitation Office (ONA) entrusted IOWater with a mission to design and launch its Water and Sanitation Training Center (CFMA).
This assignment continued in 2014 with the development of technical specifications for educational units for this training center and with assistance to ”ONA” in the preparation of tender documents for achieving these new educational tools.