Strategic development of ONID
vendredi, 27 mars 2015
/ Evelyne Gauthier
The National Irrigation and Drainage Office (ONID), which manages large irrigated areas in Algeria, was entrusted, when established in 2005, with major strategic objectives :
After assessing the achievement of the objectives assigned to ”ONID” and measuring the strengths, on which to capitalize, and weaknesses, that must be corrected, the International Office for Water prepared a medium and long term Strategic Development Plan for ”ONID” by :
In May 2014, after four months of investigation and thinking, IOWater presented its recommendations to the head of the Directorate for Agricultural Water at the Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Director of ”ONID”, in the presence of some of their key staffs and representatives of the Belgian Technical Cooperation.