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At the national, regional and transboundary levels, IOWater is contributing in the, dissemination and sharing of information and specific tools between water stakeholders
Sharing information to ensure good water resources management has been, from the start, one of the priorities of the International Office for Water, which has extensive experience in disseminating the information dedicated to aquatic environments: design of information and documentation systems (WATERDOC, GEST’EAU ...) and data management (SANDRE), coordination of stakeholder networks (EMWIS, AWIS, Documentary Resource Network, IWRM-Net…), design and development of websites (shellfish growing areas, water economics).
For this purpose, IOWater has the skills necessary for identifying the organizational, technical and economic needs of such systems and has proven it in helping to create specialized platforms (Portal of scientific and technical papers on water and aquatic environments, French decentralised cooperation actions -Acodia) in France and worldwide, whether at national or regional levels.
In addition to its technical skills, IOWater has also a human potential to ensure information processing and enhancement in the form of summaries and state-of-the-art, bibliometric analyses, mapping (GIS) and statistics.
Electronic publications, such as “AquaVeille” newsletters on recent news from the water world, and Water in the City, to assist local authorities, and tools such as diary of events, management of social networks, map search are supplementing the range of proposed services, contributing to information sharing, a major challenge for the development and monitoring of any consistent and effective policy in this field, a guarantee for good resource quality and quantity.