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IOWater helps you define and develop good governance for your drinking water supply and sanitation services
For 20 years, the International Office for Water has supported national and regional stakeholders in improving governance and developing a framework for better water management.
IOWater has developed a network of experts with genuine multidisciplinary expertise which enables it to help these stakeholders:
- Assistance to contracting authorities: support to the definition of needs and to develop tools for administrative, technical and financial follow-up of drinking water supply and sanitation utilities
- Governance of services: development of legal, technical, economic, organizational and educational skills…
- Institutional assistance on an international scale, capacity building of governmental administrations and water companies for the implementation of regulatory solutions adapted to local conditions and optimal management of water services.
Since its creation, IOWater has carried out many projects in its areas of expertise, both nationally and globally.
IOWater has thus provided its expertise to find solutions adapted to the most diverse institutional and geographical contexts, for the benefit of the people.
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